About Watchguard Group

The Watchguard Group of Companies is Sri Lanka’s leading provider of a range of personal and commercial managed security services, along with private investigative services.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of security operations, we are well-equipped to provide you with the best private and corporate security services. Our highly-qualified private security guards and security officers work zealously and are devoted to keeping our patrons safe using the best monitored security services, safety mechanisms, security systems and standards in the industry. Watchguard also offers automated security systems, combining the forces of human intelligence and strength seamlessly blended into an ever-evolving technologically-advanced world.

Watchguard is the top security firm in Sri Lanka. And as the forerunner of the managed security services industry, we are constantly innovating and introducing new and exciting products, security systems and services that are always a step ahead of our competitors. From the provision of elite and premium-quality protection, security training services, private investigative services and more, we aim to keep improving and modernising our facilities and security systems to furnish you with the best security services.

There are five main security services companies under the Watchguard Group of Companies that make up our family. Each company supplies an exclusive set of managed security services; and is the forerunner of each specific field. Together, they make the Watchguard Group of Companies the pioneer personal and commercial security firm in Sri Lanka.

  • Watchguard (Man-guarding)
  • Professional and uniformed business and home security guards (armed or unarmed) are positioned at locations specified by the client and assigned a set of tasks that are to be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Shieldbird
  • Shieldbird undertakes all kinds of premium and elite managed security services from private bodyguards to VIP protection, escorting services, event management, etc. Other branches of Shieldbird deal with private investigative services, fire management, emergency assistance, security guard patrol services and security training.

  • M3 Force
  • M3 Force implements private and corporate security services that are a combination of high quality electronic/automated monitored security systems and the best security personnel.

  • Inward Bound
  • Inward Bound conducts training sessions for individuals and groups of all different ages, genders, and backgrounds. These sessions are custom-built along with the client to make sure the chosen regimen suits their needs perfectly.

Our Vision

"To be at the pinnacle of the security industry in Sri Lanka, being the most preferred choice for services on securing life and property of our clients.”

Our Mission

We will strive towards our VISION by:

  • setting industry norms,
  • providing exemplary service, and
  • leading the team with awe-inspiring professionalism, commitment and integrity.

Our Motto

"Bunch of misfits sharing an experience”