Ceasefire Lanka

Currently, fire-related incidents have been reportedto be one of the most likely potential risks. However, preventionand protection against this hazard is an aspect of security which has not been recognised in Sri Lanka yet. Most households and businesses are unaware of the dangers of fire-related tragedies, and take no attempt to equip themselves in order to handle or control such situations.

To avert these situations, Shieldbird, along with an internationally-reputed Indian firm-which produces and supplies high-quality fire extinguishers around India, Dubai and the United Kingdom- has introduced the concept of Ceasefire Lanka.

Our well-qualified and experienced veterans are geared to provide our clients, and the community with the adequate knowledge and security systems, to defend against fire-related calamities. In order to serve our community, we also conduct awareness campaigns, regardingthe potential dangers of fire.

Broadening our product portfolio, we are currently focusing on, bringing down internationally-recognised varieties of fire extinguishers, as well as first-hand, innovative products and security systems to the Sri Lankan market. Through Ceasefire Lanka, we aim at protecting our clients, their companies, and their possessions, against the possible mishaps of fire through the best security services, equipment, and security systems.


  • Fire Safety Equipment and Security Systems
  • Solutions to Fire-Related Issues

Key Features

  • High Quality Fire Extinguishers
  • International-Standard Fire Management Gear
  • Awareness of Dangers of Fire
  • Protection Against Fire-Related Tragedies