Commando-On-Call (COC)

One of Shieldbird’s newest, and finest ventures- a service that is set to revolutionisethe concept of security services in Sri Lanka, one that sets us apart from other security services companies. Our main aim is to provide each of our clients the power to take control of their own safety, by introducing them toCOC.

This model is the collective endeavour, of Chairman Major Welikala, and one of his professional associates, Dr. Ram Pundit, an Indian-American IT prodigy, and entrepreneur, in USA. Shieldbird, along with OSOFTEC as the software partner, offers a mobile application, through which users are able to request for instant physical assistance at the touch of a button.

One significant option provided under this app, is the ‘SOS’ button, which is programmed to alert COC and the OSOFTEC taskforce in case of emergencies, or as per the requirement of the client. Thereafter, in order to determine the volatility of the situation, the taskforce will communicate with the distressed customer, and any commandopatrolling nearby will be informed and will arrive at the scene, within a matter of minutes. All agents will be fully equipped with body cams, batons, portable radio communication devices, flashlights, GPS devices, and any and all other essential gear. A nominal charge will be applicable, once our services are utilised.

COC is your trusted source for emergency service. Our in-built technology along with our employees are top-notch, with the latter specifically trainedand equipped to efficiently and appropriately tackleemergency situations as and when they arise.

This application can be downloaded from iOS, and Android platforms at no additional charge. Even though its initial debut was catered to Colombo and its closing outskirts, Shieldbird hopes to provide this service for every individual within Sri Lanka in the very near future.


  • Emergency Help & Security
  • Executive Protection/ Bodyguard Service
  • Child Protection
  • Elderly Escort &Monitored security services
  • Guard Tour & Patrol Services
  • Event Security Management
  • Messenger & Confidential Courier Services

Key Features

  • Private & Corporate Investigative Services
  • Employee Aptitude and Conditional Examinations
  • Inspection of Fraud, Theft, And Other Illegal Actions
  • Extensive Personal & Professional Background Checks