Manpower Guarding

Watchguard Security deploys commercial security personnel and home security guards who are uniformed, as well as armed and unarmed, to be placed at locations as per client request. They are assigned pre-determined tasks that are to be completed daily or as detailed. Services and security systems are tailor-made according to stipulations made by the client and the level of fortification required. You can also pick the ranking of expertise required from junior security officers to chief security officers, including lady security officers.

Watchguard Security also ensures that there are frequent security guard patrol services so that any and all incidents may be identified and reported immediately. Furthermore, the appearance of private security guards will dissuade anyone thinking of committing any illegal actions even before the crime occurs, providing you with the assurance that your properties and possessions will always be secure.

Some of our clientele that avail our best security services include many hotels, financial institutions, multinational companies, supermarkets, malls, factories, warehouses, vehicle yards and residences in both the public and private sectors.

Key Features

  • Protection of people, property and assets
  • Constant Surveillance
  • Routine Task Completion
  • Instant Emergency Response
  • Detects & Reports Offences
  • Deters Illegal Actions & Crimes