Security Training

As a leader in the market for armed guard security companies, we offer training programmes, aimed at polishing vital skills, like, self-defence, fire safety, disaster management, and emergency response skills. All employees and security personnel under Watchguard and Shileldbird attend these sessions regularly, whilst many other pioneering organisationssend in their workforce as well, so they may be equipped with much needed safety skills.

Allprogrammesare tailored to fit the requirements of our customers, ensuring that the density of the planned training regimen suits their necessities and requirements. Our agents who conduct these sessions, comprise of ex-servicemen, and other respectable personalities, who are both proficient, and experienced.

Two scenic locations,Thotupola -Piliyandala, and the other Ella – UvaKarandagolla, are utilised asShieldbird’s training camps. Enclosed by nature and wildlife, these sites are located near jungles, lakes and waterfalls; ideal spots to go through intense training programmes.


  • Fire Safety
  • Crowd Control
  • First Aid & Emergency Response
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Disaster Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management & Intelligence

Key Features

  • Training Programmes for Security Personnel
  • Training Programmes for All Genders & Different Age Groups
  • Practical Application of Emergency Aid
  • Self-Defence& Life-Saving Techniques