Why Choose Us

Despite starting out with just six security guards in 1992, we are currently Sri Lanka’s leading commercial and private security services and private investigation agency.Currently, we have a base of highly trained and qualified experts in the field of monitored security services, personal investigation services and security guard patrol services,and are committed to providing you with the best solutionswhich are individually tailored according to your needs.

Our clients have chosen us because of …

  • Our Reputation
  • We are the market leader in thesecurity service industry in Sri Lanka, with over 3,500 employees and a vibrant clientele of over 450 which includes corporate giants such as John Keells, Cinnamon Grand and Richard Peiris. We are highly experienced in managing security services,and well-qualified for handling any situation that arises with regards to protection and safety.

  • Our Services
  • As an establishedsecurity services company,we provide solutions ranging from private security services/guards to home security guards, commercial security, investigative services and private investigators,as well as many other value-added services.Apart from this, we attend toexecutive protection, event management security, monitored security services and private detective agency services as well. Our team is flexible, resourceful and attentive,allowing us to focus on providing a robust, reliable and quality service which would therein be the ideal solution for that particular necessity.

    All our systems and services are up-to-date, in order to cater to developing needs as well as constant demand.

  • Our People
  • Everyone matters here at Watchguard, and our customers’ satisfaction and safetyneedless to say, is of utmost importance. And one of the main reasons we are able to provide the very best,is because we continuously invest in our employees. Some of our managers include those who have previously served under the military forces,thereby ensuring we have a complete, knowledgeable and diversified body of employees focused on fulfilling the security and safety needs of our customers.

    We also have a state-of-the-art security training academy and purpose-built training centres, in which we train our guards, as well as guards of other companies and any other individual entities,guiding and coaching themto be the very best in the field.

    Prior orientation is conducted before deploying recruits, to ensure that individual client requirements are met.Additionally, there is constant evaluation as well as periodical training for the recruits to maintain consistency and high quality throughout.

  • Ability to innovate
  • Innovation is an integral component in today’s competitive, ever-changing world. From simple processes and ideals to fully-fledged, extensive working models, we are currently leading the market. Our goal has always been to stay on top of the game, whilst modernising and refining the services that we provide consistently. As such, our company has grown to provide VIP protection, introducing the concept of ‘man/machine mix’ along the way.

    Gradually but definitively, we have grown from ahumble security services firm, to an independent organisation specialised in providing exclusive investigation services, commercial/corporate security systems, training programmes, security guard patrol services, emergency monitored security services, and fire disaster management, with many more in the pipeline.